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zSOLD - Bechstein C232 Grand Piano

From one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious piano makers, Bechstein pianos are well-known for their highest quality construction and finish with unique timbre, individual depth and unmistakable character. Strong, full-bodied bass; supportive, lyrical mid-range; singing treble – these are but a few characteristics of the newest generation of Bechstein grands, adapted to the requirements of today’s sound ideals.

This immaculate black polyester polished ebony Bechstein C232 7’ 7” semi-concert grand piano by Germany's finest piano manufacturer is a perfect example of the quality instrument produced by this tier one piano maker. This piano is perfect in up to a medium size concert venue, a recording studio, or in the most discriminating home.

The serial number shows this piano was manufactured in 2005, and it was delivered in March 2008. It belongs to a finance company and the new price was $139,000. We are able to offer this exquisite mint grand piano at only $60,000.

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