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zSOLD - Mason and Hamlin "BB" Grand Piano

Made in the USA, this satin ebony Mason and Hamlin "BB" Grand Piano sold new in March 0f 2007. This Grand Piano has PianoDisc's ultimate in Player piano technology, the Opus 7 Player Piano system. The Mason & Hamlin Model BB redefines what a 7-ft piano should be, with power and sonority usually reserved for concert grands.

A piano acclaimed for its even touch, consistent action and well-balanced tone, the Model BB is designed for spacious homes, conservatories, professional studios, auditoriums and halls.  The piano is legendary for its concert grand characteristics, including a robust, resonant bass, rich and warm tenor and a treble with a singing tone, bell-like in its clarity.

The Opus 7 Player Piano system is invisible, wireless, network and internet ready with a large hard drive. To learn more about this ultimate player system go to this webpage.

Wireless Opus 7 Player Piano system Remote

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